Novus at Paperworld 2019: Elegant LED lighting for greater emphasis on the workstation

The high-quality lights in the Attenzia range offer state-of-the-art LED technology, flexible adjustment options and cleverly designed details to provide the optimum light conditions at the workstation.

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, 26 January 2019 – At Paperworld 2019, Novus Dahle presented its Attenzia range of high-quality LED lighting for optimum light conditions in modern work environments. The entire range is distinguished by a sophisticated, reduced design, state-of-the-art LED technology from Germany and cleverly designed features. The elegantly slim luminaire head of the Attenzia Space floor lamp, for example, is made up of three panels, all of which can be rotated 270° independently of one another, allowing uniquely variable light control with even distribution for both direct and indirect lighting. The product range includes four different versions, combining additional features such as a touch display and HCL technology for adjusting lighting to human biorhythms, separately dimmable sections and a presence and light sensor.

The Attenzia task luminaire is ideal for the targeted lighting of the immediate work space, whilst the larger Attenzia complete version provides uniform illumination of the entire desk. The workstation luminaires can either be used separately at the desk or integrated in the Novus more space system, which is also available from the company based in Lingen.

The floor lamp in the range is the only product on the market to offer freely adjustable, individual positioning of all three light panels. As well as the standard default setting, with two thirds of the light being directed at the ceiling and one third on the workstation, each of the three panels can also be directed upwards or downwards. This ensures that highly flexible adjustments and even the complete general lighting of offices are possible. The Attenzia space active HCL model, which has won the “Red Dot” design award, makes a special contribution towards enhancing well-being, concentration and performance in the work place. Integrated Human Centric Lighting technology allows an automatically generated lighting concept to be adjusted in terms of brightness and colour temperature to the human biorhythm. The panels are fitted with both warm and cold white LEDs, so that the colour temperature can be adjusted according to the “tunable white” principle. A high-quality touch display also allows the automatic mode to be individually adjusted. This means that the light colour and intensity can be infinitely adjusted manually within a range of 2,700 K to 6,500 K.

The particularly slim luminaire head of the Attenzia Space with three panels, which can be rotated 270° independently of one another, allows unique, extremely variable light distribution and control.

The workstation lights can be integrated elegantly in the modular, expandable Novus more space system for ergonomic workstation organisation.

The workstation luminaires feature slim, infinitely adjustable support arms with finely-adjustable joints, allowing a high level of flexibility and individually targeted light control. The model for the targeted illumination of the immediate work space is fitted with a two-piece aluminium support arm and an extremely slim luminaire head with 49 LEDs. This ensures that the elegant luminaire offers broad coverage with an active radius of 1,015 mm. The larger version for illuminating the entire workstation has a one-piece support arm and can be flexibly adjusted within a radius of 726 mm. A similarly slim and elegant luminaire head with 108 LEDs provides the required luminosity here. The design-oriented, elegantly styled look of these luminaires is also emphasised by high-quality materials, a sophisticated aluminium finish with anodised and galvanised surfaces and cleverly designed details such as fully internal cable routing.

A variety of mounting options ensure the luminaires can be positioned in the best possible way to suit individual requirements at the workstation. Options available include discreet desk clamps, a bushing solution with concealed cables and an elegant base for free-standing installation on the desk. The workstation lights can also be integrated in the Novus more space system. This modular, expandable system allows various elements – such as flat screens, tablets, phones and documentation – to be arranged in the third dimension above the desk. Many different combination options and flexibly adjustable support arms allow the workstation to be adjusted quickly and easily to suit individual needs. This ensures that the more space system not only leads to more order and space on the desk, it also encourages a natural, healthy posture for the head and body at the same time.