Rotatable monitor from Novus

NOVUS Clu - perfect for you!

The new generation of monitor arms

The office environment is changing. And so the time has come for more ergonomics and comfort in workstation design and the new Novus Clu monitor arms.

Stable and flexible, they make it easier to handle monitors and fulfil current and future requirements for monitor applications.

Functions at a glance

Ease at the workplace.

The innovative design with an integrated gas spring technology keeps monitors up to 27 inch and 7 kg securely in any position. Landscape or portrait, vertical to horizontal: ideal for everyone, even wearers of varifocals and touchscreen users.

The new design and high quality “Engineered in Germany” as well as a wide variety of models and mounting options, provide users and planners with the best solutions to suit any type of office environment. The new Novus Clu monitor arms offer an elegant and ergonomic way of fulfilling all your requirements.

Quick & easy

The pivot function makes it easy to adjust the monitor for working in portrait format.

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Height-adjustable screen from Novus
Pivoting monitor from Novus

One for two

Novus Clu Duo enables elegant dual monitor solutions with just one attachment.

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Optimal tilt

NOVUS Clu III brings the monitor close to the desktop.

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Height-adjustable monitor for varifocal wearers from Novus
Pivoting monitor from Novus

Exemplary ergonomics

Even horizontal positioning for operating touch monitors is no problem with a Novus Clu III.

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Extremely flexible

Even large format monitors can easily be moved into any position you like.

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Flexible monitor from Novus

NOVUS Clu - the versatile solution

for individual requirements.

Economics and ergonomics with Novus Clu

The smart way: economics plus ergonomics

In an open-plan office or home office, for word processing or graphic design, in a back office or customer services: Novus Clu offers interior designers and office planners an extremely versatile range of monitor arms which fulfils the individual requirements.Every solution from one source – not only cutting planning and investment costs but also guaranteeing uniform design and optimum ergonomics at the workplace.

The high quality of materials and processing deliver top functional reliability and a long service life. NOVUS Clu can be integrated into any office organisation system and of course, customised solutions are always possible.

Engineered in Germany Novus Clu

Engineered in Germany: a true original

NOVUS Clu bears the "German Engineering" mark of quality. Because the new monitor arm series has also been developed by Novus engineers to German quality standards. Production takes place in our own factories across the world, managed from Germany.

The powerful arms with integrated gas spring elements technology make handling even large monitors safe and easy. Thanks to careful processing and sophisticated design down to last detail, the precision and utmost convenience of NOVUS Clu is impressive even under extreme loads.

Height-adjustable monitor for varifocal wearers from Novus

Full field of vision for varifocal wearers.

More and more people are wearing glasses at work. Distance glasses, reading glasses, computer or office glasses, universal or computer bifocals, universal or computer varifocals – NOVUS Clu offers the optimum optical and ergonomic screen positioning for each and every one.

Specially for the ever more popular varifocals, the monitor can be positioned very close to the desktop using the NOVUS Clu III. This enables more relaxed and less tiring work. Download our current study here!

Novus Clu for relaxed working

Relaxation for all office people

As well as desk height and sitting position, optimum positioning of the monitor is a crucial prerequisite for less tiring, relaxed and therefore efficient work with display screens.

With NOVUS Clu you can quite comfortably position monitors so that the right angle, a healthy sitting position and a glare-free screen surface are always guaranteed. NOVUS Clu is raising workplace ergonomics to a whole new level.u.

Novus Clu working with two monitors

Twice as cool in twos

NOVUS Clu Duo offers you the benefits of the new Clu monitor arms as a dual monitor solution. Especially in creative sectors such as agencies, graphic design offices, advertising departments or recording studios, the parallel use of two screens has become the norm.

Using NOVUS Clu Duo, you can mount two monitors up to 27 inch and 7 kg with just one holder clamped at the desk, with drilling mount or grommet. They can both be moved safely and easily into their own optimum position completely independently of one another.

NOVUS Clu - innovative down to the last detail:

Form and function to perfection.

Novus Clu QuickRelease


Monitors can even be inserted or replaced easily without any tools. The holder is suitable for all common monitors with 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mounting standard.

Clever cable guide with Novus Clu

Clever cable guide

All connection cables run neatly and protected under the discreet cover. This also accommodates the powerful gas spring for first-class user convenience.

Attachment to organisation walls with Novus Clu

NOVUS SlatWall

Clu I SW is optimal for attachment to organisation walls and acoustic panels, for example the Novus MY toolbar or Novus SlatWall.

Stable joints technology with Novus Clu

Stable joints

The high-quality pivot joint is much flatter than a conventional ball joint and consequently offers almost unlimited freedom of movement in every direction of rotation and tilt. Even large monitors can be handled effortlessly and stay securely in the chosen position.

Special solutions for projects with Novus Clu

Special project solutions

Various mounting solutions are available to allow you to benefit from the full performance of the new monitor arms when used in combination with e.g. rail systems. We can also develop special solutions on request for system rails, office partition walls and desk tops with oval, narrow or other custom shapes.

Novus Clu 3-in-1 mount

3-in-1 mount

The standard mounting component can easily be fixed from above and covers three types of mounting in one: clamp, grommet and drilling mount. It is suitable for desktop thicknesses of 10 - 50 mm and offers optimum flexibility should the mount type ever need to be changed.

NOVUS Clu - spoilt for choice:

A big idea in a small setting!

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