Perfect for advisory work stations

Ergonomic and convenient: Novus LiftTEC®

Optimise the ergonomics of your workstation. Novus LiftTEC makes it easy to adjust your monitor in a way that best suits you.

Move your monitor right or left, up or down. Move it closer to you or move it away from you if you no longer need it. With the spring-supported Novus LiftTEC® support arm, it’s easy!

In addition, the integrated ball-and-socket joint allows the monitor to tilt and rotate flexibly.


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Accurate adjustments

Accurate adjustments

Thanks to the special technical design of LiftTEC, you can easily and precisely set up your monitors.

Simple change

Simple change

The Novus QuickRelease makes changing the monitor easy. If your monitor breaks, it can be quickly replaced. So you can get back to concentrating on your work.

No cable tangle

No cable tangle

Thanks to the intelligent routing of cabling, all cables are organised at all times and look tidy, which means any replacements or checks are carried out quickly.

Quick modification to your customer

Equip consultancy stations comfortably!

Travel agent, post office, bank or savings bank: your perfect support in customer consultations!

LiftTEC is perfect if you use your monitor in consultations. Simply rotate the screen to face your customer, then quickly and simply adjust to the position of your customer.

LiftTEC’s strong point is its quick adjustment. With our support arm, you can fully concentrate on the consultation. The positioning of the screen is so quick and easy that the flow of the conversation is not interrupted.

For lightweight and heavy monitors

LiftTEC is available in two different versions. The variant for lightweight monitors bears display screens weighing from 3-8 kg. The LiftTEC for heavy monitors bears from 7-15 kg.

The difference is in detail: the tensile force of the integrated spring is optimised to the weight class of your monitor. In addition, you have the option to adjust the spring force more precisely to your personal monitor with the integrated precision adjustment.

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5 useful mounts

As with all ranges in the Novus more space system, LiftTEC can also be easily attached to fit your workstation.

Our 3-in-1 mount securely attaches your Novus LiftTEC to your desk. In addition, there is the option to mount your support arm directly to columns, walls and organisation walls.

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