Float your screens above your work surface: The Novus Tetra Support System

The best monitor support arm in the world

Novus TSS. The Tetra Support System.

Your screens float above your work surface and can be moved flexibly to where you need them. TSS is stable, reliable and perfect for extreme requirements.

All the things you need for your daily work, but clutter your desk are within reach and still out of the way! Practical attachments such as notebook holders, tablet connectors or storage trays ensure your work surface is organised and clear.

Do you want to create space? Then use TSS from Novus. Discover what is possible!

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More movement

More movement

Now move your monitor in three dimensions. Horizontally, vertically and out into the room. Thanks to the ball-and-socket joint, your monitor is also infinitely adjustable in rotation and tilt.

Simple change

Screens can be easily and quickly replaced thanks to the Novus Quick Release. As a result, the installation or refit for your technical support can be completed in a few simple steps.

No cable tangle

The intelligent routing of cables ensure that you don’t tangle your cables. The Novus cable clips and clasps create order.

Control rooms, terminals and broker workstations: Novus TSS is always the right choice

Really? Can you do that?

Yes, we can! Novus TSS has been specially developed to meet a variety of requirements for technically challenging workstations. The system is resilient. Even challenging environments, such as control rooms, terminals or broker workstations, are equipped with TSS across the world. The option to constantly upgrade and modify TSS to different situations is another benefit. Why buy new when you can simply upgrade? Yes, it’s possible!

Column + support arm = secure hold!

The dependable system for your perfect solution.

Don’t experiment! Rely on the professional system from Novus.

Simple choose the columns with the matching mount. Upgrade the support arm to suit you. A complete system is your starting point.

You can now add more components to create more space on your desk to suit your needs. This creates a stable profile solution for your project.

More than just a monitor support arm

The TSS is the flexible kit for professional screen management. For over 15 years, Novus has been a reliable partner for furniture manufacturers, interior designers and industrial outfitters. The system is tried-and-tested and based on decades of Novus more space experience.

  • Stable
  • Modular
  • Reliable

We have constantly expanded the Tetra Support System and adapted it to state-of-the-art workplace requirements. Nowadays, the system is made up of many components that enable perfect solutions for any situation.


Install two monitors seamlessly with the TSS telescopic arm

The new TSS telescopic arm creates more space: attach your monitors even closer in front of a wall or an acoustic panel. The NOVUS telescopic arm is the most useful solution when connecting several monitors.

Monitors protruding into the room are a thing of the past!

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Simply store tools easily and within reach

Work efficiently with TSS components for more space

The many different storage trays, compartments and boxes create added space on your desk. Simply store your tools without losing out on immediate access.

Novus TSS is the only system on the market which can be upgraded with custom, optimum workstation equipment. Our system makes both organised storage and perfect lighting in the workstation possible.

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1 system, 6 mounts

Mount your NOVUS TSS easily to suit your workstation. There are six different mounting options available for workstations and a rail for wall assembly. 

Discover how easy it is to install TSS!