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Novus sets for more space

The Novus more space sets free up room on your desk. The best thing is: we have put together well-planned and suitable products for the most common workstations. This takes away the need for intense research for the matching parts and you can quickly focus on your work again.

Discover how Novus sets create more space on your desk.

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Optimum work surface utilisation from Novus

Using desks effectively with Novus sets

Perfect for your office work: finally, space on your desk! Novus creates space where you need it.

Our more space sets are combinations for the most common applications in the office. Simply save the configuration and use perfectly aligned desk sets from Novus!

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Sets for several monitors

Many workplaces nowadays are equipped with several monitors. The Novus more space system is perfect for these situations. Monitors can be quickly and effortlessly set up in a way that is perfect for the specific application.

Our sets for several monitors are the perfect base for several screen solutions that support you with your daily work.

Optimum light with more space sets

Working effectively with lighting sets

Proper lighting allows you to see without straining your eyes and actively contributes to optimum workstation ergonomics. It is a bonus that Novus integrate the lights to save space in your more space system.

Novus lights have been optimised for use in the office. All Novus lights can be flexibly adapted to the individual workstation. Light is always where you need it.

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Start with sets, upgrade flexibly!

Our more space sets are always a great place to start. Since all the sets can be easily upgraded with additional components. Your Novus space solutions grows in line with your requirements.

Novus wall sets for unique workplaces

Utilise walls with more space sets!

For special workstations such as at the info point, in production, at trade fairs, in laboratories, logistics or retail: Novus creates space out of nothing. Our wall sets are the optimum solution for standing screen work. Plus, if a very small amount of space is available, Novus wall sets enable screen work without a desk.

The wall solutions should in fact be called multifunction solutions. Install our wall sets where you need space. The opportunities are (almost) endless.

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