Properly lit workstations: Novus lighting

Work in a relaxed environment

Proper working light from Novus

More than illumination: proper lighting in your office increases your wellbeing and that of your colleagues. You are able to work in a more focused and relaxed manner.

Light can be considered subjective, which is why proper workstation lights is adjustable. Pleasant lighting conditions mean always being available where you need it and being as bright as you wish it to be.

State-of-the-art lighting concepts are also cost efficient. We provide contemporary solutions with LED technology. The technology is long lasting and energy efficient, reducing costs in the long term.

Discover Novus lighting: customised, stylish and economical!

Energy-efficient LED lighting from Novus

Reducing costs, working well

Novus lighting with LED technology

The LEDs built into our lights are long lasting and extremely energy efficient. Novus LED lights help to reduce the costs in the long term.

Our LED lights create a pleasant atmosphere. The neutral white colour tone allows you to work in a relaxed environment and support concentration levels. A particularly high colour rendering index of 86 for all Attenzia lights and an optimum luminaire light efficiency power of 1708 lm with Attenzia complete and 742 lm for Attenzia task is available for state-of-the-art LED technology from Novus.

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Our masterpiece: Attenzia

A design and function symbiosis

Your eyes can relax. Your mind can work better. State-of-the-art LEDs in pleasant neutral white increase your powers of concentration. With the articulated arm that can be adjusted flexibly at any time, Attenzia has been designed for ergonomic office work!

The modern, minimalist design speaks for itself: a slimline luminaire head, elegant joints and a narrow support arm profile underline the stylish concept! Available in two sizes and three colours. A wide range of mounting options make Attenzia flexible: as a result, our best light can be easily combined with the more space system.

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Soothing lighting for professional use

Style in your office

Great design, perfect function!

Novus lights have been designed with you in mind. We have many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality more space solutions and lighting for professional use. That is why our lighting functions have been optimised for office work and offer the best from the more space system range.

We have continued to further enhance our designs over the years. These days, Novus lights are useful office equipment and stylish designer objects.

Choose elegance for your office!

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Simple mounting

High-quality workmanship

Wellbeing provided by tailored lighting: Novus lighting

Stay healthy!

Ergonomic lighting with fewer absences

Proper lighting means wellbeing and actively relieving your eyes, as well as increased powers of concentration. As a result, tiredness and stress symptoms can be prevented. Absences are avoided, which improves the work outcome.

Appropriate lighting is part of an ergonomically equipped workstation. According to DIN 5035–8, the optimum workstation lighting for screen work is 500 lux.

Choose to work healthily using Novus lighting.

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