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Novus Attenzia office and desktop luminaires for those, who are
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Novus Attenzia reddot award winner 2018 Novus Attenzia German engineering

Novus Attenzia luminaire series.

Novus Attenzia office luminaires offer individual solutions for a perfectly lit workstation. Increase the productivity at every workstation and take your office to the next level.

What makes Attenzia so unique?

  • Significant improvement in performance thanks to uniform lighting concepts with HCL in workplace design
  • Perfectly lit workstations for optimal work results
  • Unique on the market! – rotatable light panels for direct and indirect lighting
  • Energy-saving thanks to LED lighting with a service life of over 50,000 hours as well as presence and light sensors
  • Minimalistic and award-winning design, which upgrades any office

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Office luminaires for a healthy work environment

Novus Attenzia task

  • Flexible and precise workstation lighting thanks to two-joint design
  • Good lighting thanks to extremely high lumen output
  • Comfortable operation and can be dimmed directly at the luminaire head
  • Sleek design thanks to hidden cable guide
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Desktop luminaire for a healthy work environment

Novus Attenzia complete

  • Extremely large luminaire head with 108 LEDs for large-area lighting of the entire workstation
  • Good lighting thanks to extremely high lumen output
  • Comfortable operation and can be dimmed directly at the luminaire head
  • Sleek design thanks to hidden cable guide
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Free-standing luminaire for the workstation

Novus Attenzia Space

  • Filigree LED free-standing luminaires and surface-mounted luminaires
  • Adjustable direct and indirect lighting thanks to three 270° rotatable light panels
  • Perfect for height-adjustable desks thanks to base and desktop mount
  • Available in various versions from Standard to Premium model with HCL technology
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Models and functions

Sales director, Christian Sahle, explains the differences and functions of the Novus Attenzia space models. .

Specialist for workstation lighting

Novus Dahle managing director, Frank Indenkämpen, talks about Novus Attenzia luminaires and the importance of healthy lighting at the workplace.

Why Human Centric Lighting? Working with biodynamic lighting.

Lighting affects people. We feel the warmth of the first spring sun on our skin after a long winter. It lifts our mood; we feel more active – this is an example of the biodynamic effect of lighting. Sunlight isn’t just important for the production of vitamin D. The latest research shows that it also has a positive effect on our sleep-wake cycle. Conversely, we feel disturbed by light when our alarms go off early in the morning.


Light with an increased proportion of blue light works against tiredness. Warmer, softer lighting in the evening stabilises our inner clocks and promotes a restful night’s sleep. Lighting designers work off the course of the sun to equip office spaces with biologically effective lighting systems. That means that light intensity and colour temperature are adapted to the changes in natural light throughout the day.

To be able to work and concentrate in a healthy environment, sufficient light, as well as changes in light colour and intensity are all the more important, especially in indoor spaces. This is where the LED free-standing luminaire Novus Attenzia space active HCL comes into play. With its Human Centric Lighting technology, it supports the natural daily rhythm by taking on the function of daylight in artificially lighted spaces and adapting itself to the lighting conditions at the workstation with a colour temperature from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin. In doing so, the Novus Attenzia daylight luminaire boosts performance and happiness throughout the office. It also comes with a practical touch display that can be used to switch the luminaires from automatic mode to manual mode or dim the LEDs with just one touch.

Human Centric Lighting Signet
Novus Attenzia task lights promote health
Novus free-standing luminaires for offices
Dimmable free-standing luminaire for offices

Kelvin, lumen, lux – what it’s all about.

Cold, white and bright light (4,000 Kelvin) stimulates the body and activates when working in daylight. Warm white light (3,000 Kelvin) increases concentration, ideal for working later in the day. The intensity of light, meaning the sum of all light beams emitted from a light is shown in lumens. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the light. Light brightness depends on the height at which it’s mounted, its range and the design of the light itself. Lumens/watts (lm/W) show how efficient a light is, meaning how much brightness can be created from one watt of energy. To measure how much intensity the light will generate on a defined surface (e.g. a desk), one more factor is important: Lux (lx, lat. for light). At least a 500-lux intensity is required for working indoors. This is defined in an EU guideline.

Attenzia office luminaires daylight spectrum

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Product innovations 2020

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Lighting - Love. Air. Light.

NOVUS Attenzia series

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All DWG/OFML® data from Novus

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Award-winning and certified workstation luminaires from Novus

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