Desk lights for a healthy working environment.

A healthy workplace encourages more activity.

Office lighting & desk lights

The ergonomic and flexible Attenzia boosts attention in the workplace and promotes a healthy working environment. This light makes working life easier. Create the ideal environment for a real boost in creativity and productivity.

And the best thing is: Attenzia is not only functional, it also looks great.

No matter whether you’re looking to focus light directly on a workstation or feature biodynamic light throughout the entire office, Novus Attenzia makes work easier, helps promote an active lifestyle and promotes a healthy working environment.

Novus Attenzia Human Centric Lighting

HCL - Human Centric Lighting

Attenzia space active HCL

At times when there isn’t enough daylight, the Attenzia flagship with HCL takes on the role of the sun and acts as a visual clock to boost your performance and concentration.

HCL – Human Centric Lighting. This represents biodynamic light that echoes the natural progression of the day. Stimulating cool white in the morning. Relaxing warm white in the evening. Adapted to suit your biological rhythm.

Stimulating and flexible Novus Attenzia light

Stay flexible with a stimulating light.

The Attenzia family

Desk lamps and office lighting. The Attenzia lights are available in three different sizes and a whole host of different equipment and colour options. This makes them a real system solution for interior designers. The question is no longer what light, but what type of light to choose from.

This means the Attenzia family is also suitable for projects involving major expansions and adaptations. Perfectly coordinated and just as versatile as you need.

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Vitalising, eye-friendly light



Healthy light throughout the room

Novus Attenzia space

Attenzia space promotes a healthy and ergonomic environment. The lighting quality is not only eye-friendly but also sure to boost attention.

Intelligent and efficient: our largest light automatically detects whether light is actually required or if it can be switched off to save energy. Attenzia space automatically creates the perfect progression of natural daylight. Stimulating cool white in the morning. Relaxing warm white in the evening.

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Novus Attenzia Complete workstation light in silver
  • Novus Attenzia Complete in silver

Attenzia complete

Slim designed workstation light for the entire desk. Powerful light, high luminaire luminous flux and authentic colour rendering.

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Attenzia task lighting in silverNovus lighting Attenzia task blackNovus Attenzia desktop light in white
  • Novus Attenzia task in aluminium design
  • Novus Attenzia task in black
  • Novus Attenzia task in white

Attenzia task

Classic, elegant, workstation light. Illuminates the specific area or item in question. Extremely thin luminaire head, slimline articulated arm.

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