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Novus products impress everyday

Many locations, numerous possibilities: well-reputed businesses worldwide count on Novus products. With regards to office design or dealing with customers at the point of sale, you will come across Novus more often than you might think.

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Kibek, Elmshorn Germany

An easy and convenient way to pay

Convenient, quick and easy. Here’s how payments are taken here in Elmshorn at one of the largest carpet warehouses in the world. Kibek counts on a state-of-the-art, high-performance checkout system – the Novus RetailSystem. 

Perfectly compatible: Clear design and exceptional ease of use for a smooth checkout experience from start to finish.

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Tram, Amsterdam

Amsterdam prefers the Novus RetailSystem

The GVG travel companies in Amsterdam have been equipping all their trams with the Novus RetailSystem since the end of 2017. Offering flexible mounting options, the Novus RetailSystem ensures quick, cash-free payments.

This saves time and stress for customers in the hectic traffic.

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Back-Factory, Berlin

Quick service, quick payment:
With the Novus RetailSystem

The Back-Factory bakery relies on quick and convenient payments at its checkouts.
The Novus RetailSystem is therefore part of its state-of-the-art store in Berlin.

Quick and relaxed check-outs ensure more costumer satisfaction and a higher turnover.

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Deck & Dely, Hamburg

Novus RetailSystem optimises service

On the eighth floor of the Elbphilharmonie can be found the Störtebeker “Deck & Deli”, the new flagship of the Stralsund brewery. Visitors can order and pay at up to seven pay stations, either with cash or quickly and easily by card.

The Novus RetailSystem can be flexibly combined and is therefore ideal for busy checkout areas.

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WINI bench solution, Coppenbruegge

The best design at your workstation

This elegant and functional office furniture was developed in cooperation with WINI Büromöbel. The slimline design of Novus MY impresses thanks to a clear, discreet aesthetic concept.

With Novus MY Point, tablets can also be safely positioned without losing any desk space.

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emco head office, Lingen

Perfectly organised workstations

The workstations at the emco Group head office not only make a great visual impression. They are above all functional. The screens float above the work surface and can be moved flexibly to where they are needed.

Novus TSS is stable, reliable and perfect for many different requirements.

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Hörstel lock

Flexible control of complex situations

Oversee several monitors at a glance. The control centre for the Bergeshövede lock deals with challenging situations on a daily basis. With the Novus Tetra Support System, the lock has installed a stable and reliable system.  

An additional advantage is that Novus TSS can be constantly expanded and adjusted to suit new workstation situations.

 Novus TSS

SOLARLUX Campus, Melle

Stylish new building with Novus MY

SOLARLUX is a leading manufacturer of individual glazing systems. For its own new building, an innovative design concept with the ideal workplace layout was created – with the help of Novus MY support arms.

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ROBIGS: Primary school, Lingen

Novus IMAGE copes with high requirements

The ROSEN Corporate Group opened the ROBIGS bilingual primary school in Lingen in spring 2016.

Colourful and durable – Novus IMAGE logo mats withstand the daily run of schoolchildren.

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Novus Attenzia task Schreibtischleuchten.

Alle Details zu den Leuchten.

Unsere Schreibtischleuchte Novus Attenzia task gibt es in drei verschiedenen Farben. Die filigrane Schreibtischleuchte überzeugt mit ihrer LED-Technik, 49 stufenlos dimmbaren LED’s und einem Leuchtenlichtstorm von 742 lm. Damit übertreffen sie die geforderten Normwerte um ein Vielfaches. Wichtig für die moderne Bürobeleuchtung sind Leuchtmittel, die langlebig, energieeffizient und flexibel einstellbar sind. Hierfür sind LED’s perfekt geeignet.

Für die einfache Anbringung am Schreibtisch sind verschiedene Tischbefestigungen oder ein Standfuß erhältlich. Zudem lassen sich die Schreibtischlampen auch an der Büroorganisationswand Novus SlatWall oder der Novus TSS oder Novus MY Säule einfach und schnell befestigen.

Kaechelen, Offenburg

Perfect support for customer consultations

In support services, it is particularly important to be able to react quickly to customer requirements. With Novus LiftTEC, you can rotate the screen and easily adjust it to suit the customer. To ensure an optimum solution, workstations at Kaechelen were fitted with various additional modules.

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Paus, Emsbüren

Easy to install to suit your requirements

The construction equipment manufacturer Paus has been using the Novus more space system for many years now. With Novus LiftTEC, monitor support arms can easily be integrated into organisation walls.

The flexible support arm ensures ergonomics and organisation at the workstation – even in open-plan offices.

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Police station, Lingen

Everything at a glance with Novus TSS

A clear overview even when working with multiple monitors? No problem for the police control centre in Lingen: the Novus Tetra Support System has been in use here since 2013.

Stable and reliable, the Novus TSS makes work at control centres easier.

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Sparkasse, Dieburg

Flexibility for customer service

Novus LifTEC® allows monitors to be rotated and tilted flexibly. The system is easy to integrate in existing display pockets. The entire system is rounded off with practical tablet holders. This means that employees can react even more quickly to customer requests.
The savings bank has been using this ergonomic solution since 2015.

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Novus Tabletsafe

Svoboda, Graz

More space in open-plan offices

When a lot of people are working in an open-plan office, things can often get hectic and confusing. That’s why Svoboda decided to install Novus LiftTEC® and TSS systems.

The result: tidy workstations and maximum freedom of movement.

Flat-screen holders

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam

Technically advanced

Seamless installation of several monitors. A multimedia office without a tangle of cables. These were the precise requirements of the rbb radio station when it decided to install the Novus Tetra Support System in its head office in 2013. The Novus TSS can easily be expanded and adjusted to suit individual requirements in the fast-moving media age.

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