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Workplace equipment with Novus

Screens and tablet computers are becoming increasingly prevalent in production and logistics.

Whether in warehouse management or order picking, optimised process chains are predominantly controlled digitally nowadays.

When installing workplace equipment, Novus provide suitable holders for all types of monitor.

Modernity in industrial workplaces


Modern industrial workplaces must meet the highest demands on automation, ergonomics and process optimisation. With the more space system, monitors can be put into the optimum position. This means you can combine ergonomics and the latest manufacturing technology.

Long-lasting products guaranteed


We place high standards on ourselves, our processes and materials, as well as our products. This is why Novus stands for durable, high-quality and reliable products that can withstand everything you throw at them.

Every requirement develops


Thanks to our wide product range, we are able to meet almost every requirement. Put together your perfect solution with our modular system. Adaptations and upgrades are possible after several years.

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The best flat-screen holder in the world

TSS: the Novus Tetra Support System

If you value dependability and stability, the Tetra Support System is perfect for you! With TSS, your monitors become mobile. In addition to use in the warehouse, logistics and production, TSS is excellent for challenging requirements, such as control rooms, broker workstations or terminals. With countless combination options, you can also solve complex tasks. TSS is secure, stable and flexible. Choose the best monitor support arm in the world. Choose Novus TSS.

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Wall mount for heavy monitors

For large monitors

Novus ScreenMount

Up to 100 kg – up to 70 inches: Novus ScreenMount TV holders are our monitor holders for large screens. Using ScreenMount, you can attach large screens securely to the wall, the ceiling or on the ScreenMount stand.

ScreenMount is perfect if you want to install large monitors securely.

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The convenient solution:
Novus LiftTEC®

Our Novus LiftTEC® series ergonomically transforms your workstation. The lightweight monitor support arm allows maximum freedom of movement. The featherweight adjustable height setting and flexible joints position the monitor more comfortably than ever before. Simply adapt the adjustable gas spring to the weight of your monitor. As is true for all Novus monitor arms, different mounting options are available for LiftTEC® so that the system can be integrated easily into an existing workstation.

More about LiftTEC®

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