Motivation is everything

... but not always easy! Who does not know that - actually, the time is a bit tight, but you just can not get up. You drag yourself tired into the office, arrive at the last moment and who is already sitting there? This incredibly good-humored and motivated colleague. "Good morning, sleep well?" He smashes and you think, "If he still philosophizes about the early bird, I'll go home right back." The problem: such a tired or bad mood often runs through the whole day and also has a negative effect on your own productivity. With a good mood and a high level of motivation everything is easier to do by hand and this also has a positive influence on the result. But how do you successfully increase your motivation? Here are our tips for your motivation boost:

Frau mit Brille streckt sich sitzend, morgens vor Ihrem Schreibtisch.

The morning makes the day

The snooze button is your best friend? You should change that. Scientific evidence shows that taking advantage of the Snooze button makes you even more tired, as we then fall directly back into the deep sleep phase. As a result, getting up is even more difficult and there is often a lack of concentration, which sometimes continues throughout the day. So: it's best to set your alarm clock exactly to the time you have to get up and then it's right out of the box. Too difficult? This helps:

  • Be prepared to restart completely and immediately or the next morning
  • Done? Then you reward, for example with your favorite breakfast
  • Smile in the mirror, 1 minute - that's proven to lift the mood

Realistic goals for every day

In a demanding and stressful working day, of course, a daily motto alone will not help you. It is important to set realistic goals and to write to-do lists. So you keep the overview and prevents stressful surprises. Do you know how much fun it is to tick off completed tasks? That gives an additional motivation boost - definitely try it! If the tasks are too big or too big, they simply split. So you can always tick off individual sub-items and the daily list shrinks and shrinks. So you can always celebrate small successes. Feel good!

Good atmosphere in the office

A good atmosphere is really important in the office, because if you do not feel comfortable there, you will always be looking for reasons not to go to work or to arrive in a bad mood. Therefore, you should make your job as comfortable as possible. The following points are helpful:

  1. Ensures a good team atmosphere. If you look forward to the colleagues in the morning, the mood increases. Joint laughter in between breaks down suspense and brings new motivation for in between.

  2. A well-equipped office and ergonomic work furniture can significantly increase the well-being in the workplace. Novus more space systems offer a wide range of options for an ergonomically and practically structured workplace. The Novus fresh Colors punches and staplers ensure a cheerful splash of color on the desk.
Ein Notizblock wird von einer Novus-Attenzia-Leuchte angestrahlt

3. Air Purifying Plants not only look beautiful, but also provide improved oxygenation in the office. This increases the ability to concentrate and thus the motivation. Read more about plants in the office!

4. Since biodynamic light has a direct effect on motivation and well-being, you should illuminate your workplace well! The luminaires of the Attenzia series are ideally suited for this purpose. How important is the subject of light in the workplace? We asked lighting expert Jürgen Ludewig. Read more about light in the workplace and our luminaire series Attenzia.

Motivation quotes and quotes as a daily motto

Do you need more inspiration? A higher goal? Or does a daily motto help you? Then perhaps a calendar with inspirational sayings or quotations would be a motivating charm for you in the morning. There are many beautiful products online such as The flow app that accompanies you daily with a thought, a quote or an inspiration. You can also choose a suitable spell that you make your own and, for example, saves as wallpaper on your phone. We have compiled some nice motivational slogans, powerful quotes and life-wisdom for you here. Let yourself be inspired and inspired to help your dreams, goals and projects on the jump again:

  • Success comes when you do what you love. (Albert Einstein)
  • One day you will wake up and have no time for the things you always wanted. Do it now! (Paolo Coelho)
  • You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible. (Herrmann Hesse)
  • Those who can fight lose, those who do not fight have already lost. (Berthold Brecht)
  • Fate is not in the hands of chance, it's in your hands, you should not wait for it, you should beat it. (William Shakespeare)
  • If you do not want something, you are looking for reasons. If you want something, you are looking for ways. (Rodney Isemann)
  • Everyone said: It does not work. There came one who did not know that and just did it. (Goran Kikic)

We wish you a lot of inspiration and motivation and when the highly motivated colleague greets you again with "Well - rested" or "Gas is right" then remember: how slow you run - you beat all who stay at home!