Novus creates space at your workstation

Flat-screen holders

More space at your workstation

Do you use two screens and don’t have enough space on your desk? Novus has the optimum solution for this.

With Novus flat-screen holders, create more space and move the room your screen stand needs from your workstation to above your desk.

Thanks to the space acquired, you can now more flexibly organise your work. This gives you more room for important tasks.

Flexibly attach your monitor where you need it. The infinitely variable installation options allow you to work without strain and help to avoid problems caused by poor posture.

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The best monitor support arm in the world

Novus TSS. The Tetra Support System.

Your screens float above your work surface and can be moved flexibly to where you need them. TSS is stable, reliable and perfect for extreme requirements.

All the things you need for your daily work, but clutter your desk are within reach and still out of the way! Practical attachments such as notebook holders, tablet connectors or storage trays ensure your work surface is organised and clear.

Do you want to create space? Then use TSS from Novus. Discover what is possible!

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Novus MY

For anyone who values elegance, Novus MY is the perfect choice. The slimline design impresses thanks to a clear, discreet aesthetic concept.

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Novus LiftTEC®

Optimise the ergonomics of your workstation. Novus LiftTEC makes it easy to adjust your monitor in a way that best suits you.

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Wall mount for heavy monitors

Mount large monitors: ScreenMount!

Novus ScreenMount is our mounting solution for very heavy and large monitors.

The versions for walls, ceilings or stands bear between 30 kg and 100 kg. Monitors up to 70 inches can be securely mounted.

Novus ScreenMount is perfect if you want to install large monitors in waiting areas, sales areas, terminals, etc.

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Mount tablets securely

Novus TabletSafe

Do you use iPads and Android tablets to communicate with customers? With the Novus TabletSafe tablet holder, it is easy to mount your tablet so that the device is not damaged and at the same time, is secured against theft.

TabletSafe is available in two variants for iPad and Android tablets. The colour variants anthracite grey, white and black match perfectly into any room design. Four different mounting options are available for any application.

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For added safety

Flat-screen holders for motorhomes

Novus SKY is a versatile holder for flat screens and tablets. Whether in motorhomes, caravans or boats, your screen remains secure at all times.

Different models are available to meet different requirements and installation conditions. Convenient and durable, the holders are suitable for monitors weighing up to 12 kg.

Opt for quality that speaks for itself: we are the market leaders in flat-screen holders for mobile use.

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