NOVUS ScopeMaster

714+0002+000, ScopeMaster, light grey

Smoothly telescoping swivel arm for positioning of devices in the third level

  • Table mounting with universal clamp 1 for a table thickness of 18-74 mm
  • Rotating support platform, inclined towards the user
  • Swivelling around 360° for ease of movement
  • Platform can be mounted crossways or lengthways
  • Internal cable routing for optimum cable management
  • Dimensions base plate: 258 x 172 mm
Further product variants
  • 714+0009+000, ScopeMaster, silver/anthracite 714+0009+000, ScopeMaster, silver/anthracite

Product details

  • 2 kg The value establishes the weight in kg with which the product can be loaded
  • BEFESTIGUNGSART_UNIVERSALZWINGE_1_MPS Table mounting with universal clamp 1 for a table thickness of 18-74 mm
  • 464 - 606 mm The value indicates the scope of the product in mm
  • 175 mm The value indicates the range between the smallest and largest possible distance between the product and the desk surface.
  • 360° The holder has the swivelling range shown in °.
  • 258 x 172 mm The value indicates the size of the support plate in mm.
  • Extendible all items with universal clamp 1 can be attached to the product
  • GERMAN_ENGINEERING_NO The quality statement "German Engineering" ensures that a product was developed according to German quality standards by our engineering experts. All Novus products carrying the "German Engineering by Novus" signet are manufactured in our own plants around the world by our own workforce, managed and supervised by our headquarters in Germany.

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