Attenzia neo / neo+

Hello neo!

The Attenzia luminaire family of the Novus More Space System grows: The design luminaires NOVUS Attenzia neo and NOVUS Attenzia neo+ with extended features complete our range of professional free standing luminaires. With their minimum glare illumination, their minimal design and highest quality “made in Germany”, the luminaires are professional all-rounder for various application areas in the office.

Intuitive control

The Attenzia neo luminaires are infinitely dimmable. The luminaire button is equipped with a touch-dim-function: If you keep the button pressed, the dim-function starts. The light intensity can be adjusted completely individually: bright light for concentrated work or dimmed light for e.g. presentations.

Efficient and smart

The Attenzia neo+ convinces with smart features. A highly efficient sensor measures the surrounding illumination as well as the presence of the user. The multi-sensor located at the luminaire head detects if the user is present and consequently switches on the luminaire. Furthermore, it automatically levels the requested intensity of light. In addition the Attenzia neo+ comes along with an energy saving automatic switch-off.

Symmetric illumination

For two workspaces in face-to-face positioning, the U-shaped floor stand of the Attenzia neo/neo+ can be positioned easily between the table legs. This positioning enables a balanced and perfect illumination of both workspaces.

Luminaires for every application

The Attenzia neo as well as the Attenzia neo+ are available as free standing, table-clamp and drill-through versions. In this way the luminaires can be perfectly integrated into almost every workspace environment. You can choose out of three colours – black, white and silver – to meet the style and design of your existing interior concept.


Easy and quick start

To get the Attenzia neo and neo+ working, no special knowledge is necessary. The detachable luminaire head and floor stand will be mounted to the column and enjoy yourself the perfect light!  

Perfect non-glare illumination

The Attenzia neo as well as the Attenzia neo+ realise with direct and indirect lighting a homogeneous illumination of up to two desks in opposite positioning. An optimal illumination with low glare is the result of the sophisticated reflector-lens-system with a high light output of 146 lumen per watt. 25 percent of the total light output gets directly emitted onto the work surface, while the LED light bands at the top of the luminaire head guide 75% of the light for an indirect lighting to the ceiling.


High quality and elegant

The minimalistic and clean design combined with a mixture of high-quality material ensure a sustainable and persistent appearance. The luminaire head and column are made of high-quality aluminium, the floor stand out of solid metal.


Spezifications of the Attenzia neo und neo+


NOVUS Attenzia neo

NOVUS Attenzia neo+

luminaire luminous flux

12.167 lm

12.421 lm

luminaire light efficiency

133 lm/W

146 lm/W

lighting distribution

direct 25 %
indirect 75 %

direct 25 %
indirect 75 %

glare (UGR)

≤ 12

≤ 9

energy consumption

92 kWh/1.000 h

85 kWh/1.000 h


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