Have you ever wondered how important light is in your life? Or what does it mean for your well-being? One thing is clear: when a sunbeam tickles the nose the first time the alarm rings, we get up much better. Everything is easier to do when daylight floods the apartment. In the evening, when the light turns dull, a relaxed, calm mood is created. But is that actually transferable to artificial light sources? Human Centric Lighting, or HCL for short, starts at exactly this point and creates a revolution in modern lighting concepts. Using lights, like the Attenzia space active HCL von Novus, Light is also used indoors as a visual clock. The fact that the light is adapted to the daily rhythm of the people increases the performance, the concentration and the well-being.

Light means life

Since time immemorial, our lives, our bodies and our inner clock are based on the course of the sun. In doing so, light not only serves people to see, it is also an important clock for our biological clock. Light has a lot to do with whether we are awake or tired, whether we sleep well and feel fit and healthy. In 2002, scientists in the eye discovered a new receptor in the upper layer of the retina, which is not responsible for vision, but affects a person's internal clock. From this internal clock - the "circadian rhythm" - also depends on the health and well-being of the people: hormone levels, blood pressure, mood, performance change after the internal clock. The activating light of the morning sun is just as important as the relaxing red of the evening light.

  • The natural gradient of the light is the clock for the inner clock
  • It affects our well-being as well as our performance

Biodynamic light orients itself to the sunlight

Man moves more and more away from his natural rhythm. Early morning in the office or at midnight in the supermarket - almost unlimited artificial light is available to enable people to see. Despite standard-compliant lighting, the dynamics and biological effects of daylight are often lacking, and thus the inner clock gets out of step. It is therefore the goal of research and industry to artificially simulate the effect of natural light in order to exploit the positive effects of natural light. This is how biodynamic light was created. It helps to stabilize the human biorhythm and to synchronize it with the times that deviate from its internal clock. Biologically effective artificial lighting is always switched on or automatically infinitely adjusted if the natural light is insufficient.

  • Biodynamic, healthy light successfully senses the effects of sunlight
  • It is used intelligently as a supplement to daylight or sunlight

Human Centric Lighting - the human being in the center of the light

The full dynamics of daylight can not be transferred to artificial lighting. But where daylight is not enough, today a nature-oriented lighting can give our body in addition crucial impulses. Thus, the topic of light in the context of health takes on a whole new dimension. Light color and illuminance adapt to the human rhythm. In the morning and at noon, for example, high-intensity light and blue levels support performance. In the afternoon and early evening, the light intensity should decrease and the red parts of the light rise. This supports the human being in the preparation for the sleep phase. In addition, the light direction also plays a major role. The closer artificial light gets to the sun, the more pleasant and high-quality we feel it.

  • Like sunlight, biodynamic light is able to enhance quality of life and performance
  • Color temperature, illumination intensity and incidence of light are decisive factors

Lighting design in the age of biologically effective light

This knowledge forms a new basis for lighting design. The positive effects of biologically effective light can be used effectively both for lighting concepts in the home and especially in the workplace. The aim of a biologically effective lighting concept should be to create a lighting experience with a positive effect. Increased well-being ensures better performance and thus higher productivity. A good preparation for the sleeping phase ensures a peaceful restful sleep and thus better vitality the following morning. In addition to all opportunities, of course HCL risks.


In order to ensure that the light curve is optimally healthy, it is very important to adjust them correctly during operation and to regularly check and, if necessary, readjust them. Who e.g. his coworkers in the evening with artificial light with high blue portions "dopt" achieved in the long run a negative effect. After all, employees who are exposed to light with high levels of blue in the evening can sleep badly and are then not fit in the morning.

  • With intelligent lighting planning you achieve many positive aspects in the workplace
  • Increased well-being, improved performance and attention, better sleep quality and less downtime

The Attenzia family - intelligent and healthy light


In addition to the comprehensive lighting concepts for entire buildings, offices and halls with large-area luminaires, light sensors and complex control modules, there are also lighting systems for your workplace. Such as. the novelty of Novus: The Attenzia series includes luminaires in three different sizes and numerous equipment and color options. 


The Attenzia lights by Novus at a glance:



  1. The floor lamp Attenzia space active HCL provides natural daylight and supports the internal clock and biorhythms of humans with HCL.
  2. The Attenzia task and Attenzia complete are ideal for illuminating the workplace at the desk and ensure fatigue-free working.
  3. The Attenzia space active HCL and the workstation lamp Attenzia task from Novus have received the "Red Dot Award" at the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018". Thus, both the noble, filigree design and the high product quality are appreciated. 


    • Read more about the award of the lights.


With the help of the luminaire series Attenzia you can realize an individual and holistic office lighting, which optimally meets the requirements of the flexible working environment. Activating light for more productivity. Healthy light for increased well-being and less downtime. So you facilitate and enrich your working life. Read more about the luminaire series Attenzia the versions, functions and advantages.