You often feel tired at work, even though you have slept enough? Unmotivated, even though the job you do is actually what you want to do? Do you often have headaches that distract you from work? Then, in fact, the wrong lighting in your workplace can be to blame. Many of us consider ergonomics in the workplace to be an ergonomic table, an ergonomic chair or the right positioning of the monitor. But lighting in the workplace is also an essential part of this topic.

5 tips for the right lighting in the workplace

What is important? We give you 5 tips on how to optimize your workplace to support your health, motivation and performance!


  • Indirect light: You do not just need direct light that illuminates your workplace. Especially in the "dark months" is an indirect lighting duty. To ensure optimal illumination of the workplace, the possibility of positioning your table is very limited. The trend is therefore towards mobile floor lamps. There are even models that can donate both indirect and direct light through rotating panels.
  • Avoid mirroring: Whether you're referring to your direct desk light from a desk or a floor lamp, be careful when positioning that the light does not fade or reflect in your screen.
  • Sunlight: Of course, sunlight is still the best for you. If you can place your desk by the window, it is best if you place it sideways to the window. Otherwise the sunlight fades when it shines directly into your office. If your table is not near the window, you may find a solution with your colleagues that is suitable for everyone.
  • Out: You should use the breaks to recharge your batteries. Especially in winter, the lunch break is for many the only time during the week when they come out in the daylight at all. You can also prepare your lunch the day before, so you do not need much time for cooking. This is also usually healthier, than what is in the cafeteria. Then you have enough time to go out. Of course, it's twice as fun with your favorite colleagues!
  • Human Centric Lighting: Did you know that light with a high blue content motivates and reddish light shuts down your body? In fact, there are lights for the workplace, which take up the topic of Human Centric Lighting (short HCL). But you too can try to judge yourself. Looking at your smartphone at bedtime can affect your body as if you had had a quick drink of espresso. Falling asleep does not help! For all those who still do not want to do without a smartphone, tablet or laptop in the evening: Download F.lux. The app runs in the background and ensures that your screen uses less blue light after sunset. On the iPhone, the function Night Shift can be easily set without additional app.

Taking workplace lighting seriously

You will see! Smaller and larger measures for the right lighting in the workplace pay off quickly. You start the day better, concentrate better and do more - at night your sleep is also more restful. At Worklife Experts you will find many more exciting information on ergonomics in the workplace, for example. Now it's time: no more back pain in the office.