More professional planning with the pCon.planner

Integrate the products of the Novus multi-user system into your room planning: Our 3D data is available for pCon.planner. The gold standard for fast, uncomplicated room planning and quotation calculation makes it easy to realise even complex requirements.

Advantages of the pCon.planner:

  • Simply select products
  • Calculate prices
  • Realise 3D representation
  • Create complete offers

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Generating quotes is easy!

pCon.planner combines visual planning with the quotation in a single step. In addition to product information and 3D data, obtain software prices and quotation texts. By doing this, pCon.planner simplifies the creation of quotes considerably and creates room for other important tasks.


High-quality 3D illustrations

The 3D rendering in pCon.planner delivers impressive results! With high-quality visualisation, impress customers as early as the planning phase. As a result, you have the opportunity to recognise potential for optimisation early and prevent reworking.


All DWG/OFML® data from Novus

in the pCon catalog.

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